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10 Things you should do while at a business lunch

1.  Be on time

2.  Never use your cell phone at the table. Keys, purse, cell phone nor elbows belong on the table while dining.

3.  Ask what the host is going to order first so you can gage the price rage to stay within.  

4.  When the host takes his/her napkin off the table and places it in his/her lap, you should do the same thing.  Also during the meal don't forget to use your napkin.

5.  Don't eat too fast or too slow, watch the flow of the table.

6.  Since this is a business lunch, make sure to stay with the conversation at hand "BUSINESS", stay on topic.

7.  At the end of your entree, if the hosts offers dessert and has some his/her self then you can order dessert, if not, DO NOT ORDER dessert, it will only hold up the lunch.

8.  Follow all the rules for dining.  

9.  Never drink alcohol while at a business lunchen.

10. Send the host a thank you card within 3-days of your meal.

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