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Being the perfect Guest

It’s awesome to be invited to a party or dinner engagement.  I’ve been invited to many functions across the globe and there is nothing more embarrassing than showing-up without something for the host. 

  • When in doubt about a function dress-up not down.  If you add a few layers to your wardrobe you can take them off if needed. 

  • Get a small gift to bring to the host, i.e., Bottle of wine, flowers or something you know the host would like.  You may even call before you arrive and ask if there is something needed.

  • Never bring a friend without asking the host first.

  • Never be 15 to 20 minutes late, NOR 30-min early.  You should arrive 5-10 min before.

  • Don’t sit in one spot, mingle with all the guests if possible. 

  • Smoke only if there are others doing so, but ask permission first, but please do this outside.

  • Don’t be a lush and consume too much alcohol.

  • Call for a LYFT or UBER if you drove yourself.

  • Don’t wear out your welcome by staying too long, if the party is from 2 to 5, you should be headed out by 4:30-4:45.

  • My PET PEIVE: Always ask the host if they need help straightening up.

  • Before departing ALWAYS say THANK YOU to the host and let him/her know that you had a great time.  It’s not necessary to say goodbye to a large group, unless you know everyone by name.  Leaving a party signals to the other guests that the party is ending.

  • You may even want to send a thank you note if you truly enjoyed your time.

For more etiquette tips and or training visit, or email

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